Friday, October 1, 2010

October:Vegetarian Awareness Month

Today is Oct 1st which is World Vegetarian Day.It marks the begining of Vegetarian Awareness Month which is celebrated every October.

I am not vegetarian, however I do understand that a vegetarian diet can be a healthy more viable option, particularly for those with existing health issues that occur due to dietary malnutrition or overnutrition.

Regardless of rather you eat meat or not, it is important that you are eating the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables daily, and getting non-meat sources of protein such as beans, legumes, sprouts, nuts, etc., can be a good way to add variety to your diet and improve your overall health, as well as the health of the environment.

I have personally decided to pledge to go Vegetarian for the month of October as a part of Vegetarian Awareness Month. The purpose for me is to challenge myself to eat a more diverse palette of food.

Visit this link for more information on Vegetarian Awareness Month. You can find a wide array of recipes on the Vegetarian Times website and download their Vegetarian Starter Kit guide for helpful tips for becoming vegetarian.

Please join with, if even just for a day, or a week. Use this as an opportunity to kick some of your routine habits, and try something new!