Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to use Pumpkin Butter

So the other day I brought some pumpkin butter and posted the photo on Instagram. I got several questions about how to use pumpkin butter so thought I'd finally revisit this blog and post it here rather than directly responding to those inquiring. I'm sure others may wonder too. Here is a quick list I came up with. 

Add to plain/vanilla Greek yogurt w/ granola and chia seeds. 

On cinnamon raisin toast. 

On French toast. 

Top on grilled chicken. 

Top on a pork chop. 

Top on a glazed ham. 

Spread on a turkey sandwich.

Add to pie mix. 

Add to oatmeal. 

Top on waffles or pancakes. Use instead of syrup. 

Use as a filling for muffins. 

Mix with cream cheese and eat on a bagel. 

Add to a cake or bread mix recipe.  

If it wasn't 11:30 at night, I could probably sit and think of some more. But this is just what came to me first. Maybe I'll test out a few ideas and post recipes for them over the course of the next couple days or weeks. 

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments