Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herb Show Recap

So the Herbal Medicine Show was a huge success...

I was so nervous in the beginning as I was watching other people set up their tables and I was thinking "oh, maybe I should have done more, I should have done this, I could have done that"...but by the time I finished my table set up I realized that what I had was sufficient. It wasn't as glamourous as some of the tables (my classmates did an awesome job!), but I put a lot of time and love into my creations, and they came out well-and they were all well received by the public. 
What I loved was talking with the individuals. There were a lot of people who did not know exactly what it was we were there for (to introduce them to the student clinic and get clients) as well as introduce them to the world of herbal medicine and the variety of possibilities therein. I had some real heart to heart conversations with people, and got a decent sized list of people interested in coming into the student clinic as well as people  who signed the email list. 

The oatmeal bars and the Hibiscus Hi-C Tea was a big hit. Sooo many people were asking me for the I promised to send it out in my 1st newsletter that will go out shortly (I'm still working on it!). If you would like to be added to the mailing list--to request an add you may email me at Leave your first and last name and email address in your request.

Here is what some of the faculty and staff at Tai had to say:

The Herbal Medicine Show yesterday was truly remarkable. I wandered from table to table in awe of your creativity, brilliance, and beauty. Each of you brought your best to the show and gave the community a view of the true potential and wonder of herbal medicines. I loved seeing your themes and the thought and heart which went into them, and the innovation you showed in what you made and how you presented it. Last night was a proud moment for Tai Sophia, and you were the shining jewels. Thank you each so much for the enormous time, energy, love, and skill you demonstrated.
In Awe and Gratitude,

Bevin Clare MS, RH
Clinical Division Chair
Herbal Medicine Department
Tai Sophia Institute

I was so impressed with the knowledge of each of the students, their ability to explain their products as well as the beautiful displays that you created.  Despite the weather, we had an overwhelming crowd.  This certainly has become a signature community event for Tai Sophia and an opportunity for us to show off and beam about the quality of our students.  Thank you all for the hard work you put into this.  It definitely showed.
Judith K. Broida Ph.D
Provost/ Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tai Sophia Institute

I would like to further heap praise on you all, and  also to pass on Bob Duggan’s comment he asked me to convey – that this year’s show was a definite ‘step up’ for Tai Sophia.
Well done you!
Andrew Pengelly PhD, AHG, FNHAA
Director Herbal Dispensary

Lecturer in Herbal Pharmacology and Botany

Tai Sophia Institute

This program is gaining in quality and community response, which says that students are learning and faculty must be doing a fantastic job. To see what has been learned translated through creativity was absolutely amazing.
The entire event was nothing less than extraordinary. Congratulations to all.
Kind regards,
Frank Vitale
President and CEO
Tai Sophia Institute

PS. Major shout out to Stanley Jaworski, a fellow photographer for coming out and taking photos of the event for me!

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