Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Preparing for the Herbal Medicine Show...

This is so much work. Much more than I anticipated.

A lot of what I was making I wanted to wait until as close as possible to make so that it would be fresh. I have (had) some elderberries around here, and two days before the show can't seem to find them. Now I can't make my elderberry syrup which is kind of disheartening, because its the one I use the most and can probably speak the most freely about. 

Instead, I am forced to find something else to do...which is ok, because I tend to work well under pressure, though not without the cortisol surge however.

I keep having to change my game plans and in this moment it still isnt finalized, but I know that whatever I do its going to be great. 

Anyway...for anyone interested in coming out, here is the info for the show. 

Join Tai Sophia’s Herbal Medicine faculty and master’s degree students for Tai Sophia’s annual Herbal Medicine Show. 

Treat your senses to the tastes, scents, and textures of a wide array of herbal cordials, elixirs, tinctures, salves, and foods. 

The Herbal Medicine Show will feature: 
•Free samples and helpful information on how herbs can support your wellness
•Over a dozen themed, interactive displays, including:
◦Self Care and the Seasons
◦Seasonal Immunity
◦Digestive Health and the Mind
◦Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
◦Elements in Nature
◦Seasonal Nutrition
◦Pain Management
◦Sexual Health and Vitality
◦The Wellness Imaginarium
Come experience the amazing world of herbs and meet student herbalists entering the clinical portion of their training and ready for new clients. 

If you are not able to make it out to this event, and even if you are--here are the details for what I really want to get across:

So we will have clinic on Wednesday mornings and Friday nights. Just as med student needs to work in a hospital to get real world expeience, I need clients who are interested in seeing an herbalist for health or wellness. Some things you may come on for is:

Skin conditions
G.I. Conditions 
Nutritional coaching
Chronic health conditions
Immune conditions
Or even if you don't have a "condition" you can come in to find out how you can maintain wellness and things you can do for optimal energy. 
To graduate I need to conduct 50 different consultations with a handful of those being multiple visits (at least 3 per person preferably). 
In the student clinic, there is a reduced fee that we are required to charge for using the space. The money is paid directly to the school none of it goes to us btw. For the initial consult the fee is $45 and all follow ups are $30.

I hope this information helps. Any questions, message or call me if you have my number. I hope to be able to be of service to someone as I want this to be something we can mutually benefit from. 

PS. If it's not you, we all know someone suffering from something. Please feel free to pass the word on to a friend or family member if you don't feel as though these services would be of any service to you. 

Oh-and this show is just like a coming out party for the public that we will be starting clinic and an opportunity to let the community at large know we are beginning clinic and to give us an opportunity to find clients. Basically it's gonna be lots of free products and food-all herb based. If you can come that's great but that's secondary to my needing of clients. 

Peace & Wellness

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