Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hot Air Popped Popcorn

Welcome to another edition of the Chronicles of a Budding Health Nut. Nut meaning crazy person. Well, the other day I was in Target and happened to walk by this popcorn popper. It uses hot air rather than oil which makes for a much healthier version of a treat my daughter happens to love.

My mom would always buy the microwaveable bag popcorn and I would try my best to convince her to stop because of the chemicals used in the lining of the bag which are toxic. Not to mention the chemicals in the artificial butter flavor which can cause lung issues over long periods of time (you'd have to pop a lot of popcorn) but I believe most companies have stopped using the particular chemical diacetyl which causes this. But still the chemicals in the bag some of which are to keep the oil from burning through the paper...still aren't ideal to be ingesting.

The best way to pop popcorn is over the stove...or as I have newly found- with a hot air popper!  Naima had a ball watching it pop. Much safer than standing in front of the microwave like I used to do as a kid, and inhaling toxic fumes as well as being exposed to radiation emissions. ;-) So long to bagged popcorn!

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy of out process.

I'm not sure what is special about the Ruby Red. But it was pretty so I brought it. Marketing scam!



wait for popping to start. pose for the camera.

get excited when popping starts.

pose for the camera again. still waiting.

add melted butter and garlic.

season. blk pepper. fresh grated.

season. old bay ;-) it's a b-more luv thang.


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